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Charlie’s Automatic Transmission is Tulsa, Oklahoma’s transmission rebuild experts! With over 50 years of experience, our knowledge, skills and expertise are truly unparalleled within the industry. The first sign of transmission failure is putting your vehicle in drive or reverse and it won’t move. In some cases, your transmission may require a repair that may involve adjusting external controls, replacing electronics, or replacing sensors and switches rather than completely rebuilding the transmission but only a qualified repair professional, such as Charlie’s Automatic Transmission, can help you with these types of recommendations. Visit us at 13110 East 11th Street, Tulsa Oklahoma

Disassemble of the Entire Transmission Process

Review Cracked Components or Damage

Once we have disassembled your transmission, we will review every component to check for cracks or damage. If there are any, we will replace them!

Test For Proper Function

After review for cracked or damaged components, we will test your transmission to make sure it’s working properly. Testing the transmission can also help us pinpoint where it’s not working properly.

Replace Internal Parts

If there are any components of the transmission that are damaged, we will replace them and get them working properly.

Steam Clean Any Reusable Parts

If there are any parts of the transmission that are still in excellent condition and can be reused and reassembled onto the transmission, we will steam clean them!

Assemble Transmission

After we’ve gone through all our testing, we will reassemble the transmission properly with new and clean parts.

Fill With Transmission Fluid

Once your transmission is reassembled, we will fill it with transmission fluid. This fluid is crucial in helping your transmission to not overheat, makes it easy to shift gears and more!

Road Test Your Vehicle

After it’s all done, we will road test your vehicle. By doing so, we will be able to make sure your transmission is working properly before getting it back to you!
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